Producing Ceramic Solutions For 88 Years

With over 80 years of success behind it, ICP is no stranger to challenges. The company continues to evolve in order to meet customer and market demands. Our strength as a small company lies in our ability to rapidly tool and produce product lines as we’ve done for the foundry and steel industries since 1936.

Ceramic Tubes

ICP Ceramic Tubes, manufactured from specially formulated ceramic bodies, are white and free of iron sulfide. Compositions are available for special applications and tubes can be manufactured from ICP mullite, fireclay or fused silica. Any fractional length or tubes longer than 12″(304mm) can be produced upon request. ICP tubes are non-eroding, and assure a smooth slag-free passage of metal to mold cavity without contamination or reaction with metal. Ends are precision-made for a sure fit. ICP Ceramic Tubes are available in a wide range of sizes: standard plain end, mitered and male-female ends. We also offer bent, curved, notched and reducer tubes. Samples are available on request.

Ceramic Fittings

ICP Ceramic fittings are single-piece units of the highest quality designed for erosion and spall resistance, available in standard elbow, tee, and cross geometries, as well as many custom configurations. Combinations of inlet and outlet diameters in a single-unit are available upon request.


The first dimension refers to the top or inlet hole.

E.g. 4″ x 3″ x 3″ Tee would be made with a 4″ top hole and two 3″ holes on the sides.

E.g. 3″ x 4″ x 4″ Tee Would be made with a 3″ top hole and two 4″ holes on the sides.

Pour Cups

ICP Ceramic pour cups are an essential component used in the manufacture of quality investment castings. Our pour cups are made from proprietary mullite or fused silica composition designed to be compatible with investment mold materials. Samples are available upon request.

Internal Cores

A variety of ICP ceramic core compositions are approved for use in casting applications including Medical, IGT and Aerospace castings. All cores are 100% leachable and our thermal processing capacity allows for high-volume production with shorter lead times.

Strainer Cores

Over 50 strainer core configurations have been developed to meet customer requirements. ICP strainer cores are manufactured from high grade mullite material and can be used for steel, gray and ductile iron. Over 50 different sizes available! Samples are available upon request.


  • Cost effective
  • Flow control
  • High strength
  • Stable dimensions
  • No outgassing
  • Slag reduction
  • Consistent quality
  • Stops vortexing
  • Better castings


In today’s market, many metal casters consider the use of ceramic filters necessary for the production of quality castings, and ICP is the leader in this industry. Our ceramic filters for metal casting come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ceramic filters are used to remove impurities from metals. Because ceramic filters can withstand extremely high temperatures, their use in foundry and investment casting processes continues to be essential.

ICP does not stop with just good products. It is a committed belief that product and service are equal partners in any successful company and we pride ourselves on both. Our personnel are aware that our future depends on our customers and they have been trained to be both knowledgeable and courteous. We appreciate the trust that current customers place in us and would like to be given a chance to talk with any foundry on the advantages of using our gating components.

Ceramic Cover Plates

ICP ceramic cover plates are designed to cover the investment mold during the preheat process to avoid possible contamination problems. These products withstand thermal shock at high temperatures and are compatible with pour cups and shell materials. Cover Plates come in both vented and unvented styles, and sizes range from 4-3/4″ ID to 11″ ID. Sample cover plates are available upon request.


ICP Fused Silica Nozzles are manufactured using proprietary processes. Nozzles are specifically designed and suited for bottom pour ladles as well as automatic pouring furnaces. These nozzles demonstrate thermal shock resistance, excellent mechanical strength, and a very high density. ICP Ceramic Nozzles are currently available in 6 inch and 9 inch sizes. Nozzles can be produced to customer specifications if desired.

Duck Feet

ICP Duck Feet are used as casting ingates.  These are designed to reduce erosion on the surfaces of cores and molds by allowing the metal to calmly feed into the mold, thereby reducing turbulence.  Another benefit is when these ingates are removed (knock off).  The casting finish is better at the ingates due to the sharp clean edges. Some benefits of the ICP Duck Feet include:

  • Erosion reduction
  • Better casting finish
  • Fewer Inclusions
  • Less gate grinding

Currently, the ICP Duck Feet are available to accommodate a 2 1/2″ and 3″ tube, and are available in both mullite and fused silica compositions.

Mold Support Rods

ICP manufactures custom ceramic rods from proprietary compositions for investment casters who prefer to insure the structural integrity of the investment shell. These rods are designed to add strength to areas of the shell where additional support is necessary, and are manufactured in many different geometric cross sections and lengths. Depending on the application, rods can be round, half round, square, rectangular or serrated in design.

Reducer Rings

Molten Metal Samplers